Discover how to harness your ADHD and turn it into a Superpower!

ADHD Can Become Your Superpower!

Learn to Manage the Downsides of Your ADHD Effectively to
Amplify the Upsides for Explosive Results & Growth 

If you have ADHD, or suspect that you do, then you already know that it’s a double edged sword. The very traits that help you succeed can also get in your way. New research shows that in the context of entrepreneurship, ADHD can be a great advantage if you know how to harness it.

Discover how to harness your ADHD for maximum productivity, business growth, an innovation while learning how to manage the potentially negative aspects and eliminate your obstacles to explosive growth and success.

In his book, Dr. Torrens draws on his decades of being an entrepreneur and entrepreneurship professor and combines this experience with the most recent research on how ADHD can be helpful in the context of entrepreneurship to help you unleash all your potential because of your ADHD, not despite it.
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Learn to Manage the Downsides of Your ADHD Effectively to
Amplify the Upsides for Explosive Results & Growth  

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Expert Endorsements

Abe B.

Founder/CEO, Tribes Adventure Group

John has been a brilliant sounding board for my ideas and helped me focus, crystallize and complete projects that were previously avoided or buried within a myriad of options.  I absolutely recommend his coaching and book, to anybody struggling with attention, organization and task avoidance as a CEO, and looking forward to our regular sessions into the future.

Matt S.

Founder/CEO, Otherside AI

'Lightning in a Bottle' captures the essence of the entrepreneurial journey for those with ADHD. As a leading expert on the subject, Torrens' teachings have empowered me to harness my ADHD, changing it from a distraction into an entrepreneurial superpower. If you have ever felt like you can't concentrate, or are easily distracted, John will help you leverage the power of your ADHD to build a world-class company.

Kelsey D.

I felt seen, heard, and encouraged on every page. This book empowers entrepreneurs with the tools to turn their ADHD into a superpower, providing a mindful path forward to lead any tribe. Whether you personally have ADHD or conduct business with someone who does, this is the book for you.
Proven Results

Use the Many Strengths of ADHD, Such as Laser Focus, Sensation Seeking, and Quick Thinking, to Your Advantage
Keep the Worst Parts of Your ADHD, Like Distractibility & the Inability to Finish Projects, From Getting in Your Way
Teach Your Teams How to Effectively "Manage Up" With an ADHD Boss to Succeed as a Team
Our Philosophy
ADHD can be both an asset and a liability, and this book will help you focus on the assets while minimizing the liabilities.

If you are an entrepreneur with ADHD, you know you can have  success, but  you feel like you could do so much more if you could get out of your own way.

Based on personal experience and the latest research, this book will help entrepreneurs (or those who love them) discover how to harness their ADHD for maximum creativity, focus, and productivity while learning how to manage the downsides and eliminate their obstacles to even more success. 
John Torrens, Ph.D.
Entrepreneur, Speaker & Educator
Dr. Torrens is a healthcare and education entrepreneur with 25 years leading high growth companies with experience in developing high-performing teams, raising capital, and both buy/sell side M&A.  He is  an investor and board member of several funded start ups, a 2-time Inc 5000 entrepreneur, and Managing Member of The Torrens Group.  

 Dr. Torrens is an award-winning  Professor of Entrepreneurial Practice in Syracuse University's Whitman School of Management where he teaches and coaches collegiate entrepreneurs.    He is a frequent guest speaker and executive education instructor in the areas of entrepreneurship, strategy, and corporate innovation and is a TEDx speaker. Dr. Torrens is quoted frequently in print media, has written several articles, and has delivered multiple presentations on the business of healthcare. 

 He is an active member of Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and served in multiple volunteer leadership positions including a term on the International Board of Directors (2013-2015).
John Torrens, Ph.D.
What’s in it for you? 
  • ​​Start projects and stay on track to finish in a timely manner.
  • ​Implement sustainable strategies that will last.
  • ​Outperform the competition.
  • ​Reach your potential bin your business and personal life.
  • ​More business growth while keeping life balance.
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